This website is dedicated to the ultimate ship... a ship is when two characters kiss and fall in love... but if you didn't know that then you probably shouldnt be here LOL

I made this site to post all my fics about art about my fave ship because they make me squee x3 but DONT TELL ANYONE because all the other shipers in the transformers fandom will come to my house and kick my ass!!

however............ if you too are in support of megatron and nova Kissing.............. youa re in the Right Place

awesome meganova art by sugoi-konjou! this art KICKS DICK

about megatron

he is grumpy and kind of killed a lot of robots in the big stinky cybertron war BUT his heart may just melt when the right boy comes along!! i WONDER... WHO THAT BOY... COULD BE...................... Also megatron is like really trauamtised and emotionally repressed lol but we can work on that. what a bitch

about nova

he is sweet and warm like mash potatoe... he fights to protect earth with the power of love. he may be the ONLY PERSON capable of breaking through megatron's icy exterir. he is a really good boy. pleas treat him with care and respect