links out

A lot of websites on the internet also kick dick so here#'s some links to some really good ones. YOURE WELCOME

mewheart has really good pokemon graphics! I copied one of their line dividers they made to make my nova divider LOL

tcod has a really good html guide and also free html layouts that help a lot! I learned a lot of html shit by lurking on this website for years like a loser LMAO. if butterfree ever sees this neocities site she will be really disappointed in me or really entertained

Thousand Roads
the forums and discord community on this site Kick Dick. they are really good and supportive when writing fanfics and being creative... or if you just want to make friends :) i hope they never find this website unless I link it to them for some godforsaken reason. I'm so sorry
i like playing with the funy graphic on this page LOL. it's made by kyeugh so you know there's gonna be good shit here

kris is one of my friends! I like their website a lot :)

idk who made this site but he's kind of a bitch. Please stop him

really good search engine for finding cool gifs and graphics!

Team Rocket47
cool site with retro fanfics! It's from 2002 in actual gmt and not ultimate gmt so you KNOW it's some good shitt