Like the rushing of water, the words flow... running and flowing and filling up the world... it's only when it's too late that you suddenly realise.................... Oh no! Teh horror! It's an endless marquee of boringness! D: You're dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'd actually be surprised at how hard it is to think of things to put in endless marquees of doom, especially if you want to make them marginally interesting in some way. I could be evil and just copy and paste some bullshit over and over and over and over, but that would be no fun at all. In fact, it would be a waste of your time AND my time! Though, I guess if you're a leet hax0r, you could always view the source code to skip all the rambly bullshit and see what kind of thing waits at the end of this. xD I'm not the boss of you, so that's your choice! It's an especially valid choice to make if marquees make your eyes hurt or if your browser doesn't load it properly because of alllllll the text, so I'm not judging you, don't worry! Speaking of choices though, have you made the choice to read teh epic meganova fanfic located on this very website? I know it's a bit rough around the edges, but I did put some genuine effort in! There is some level of genuine care despite the irony and humour, and I think that's what makes it stand out. The hard thing about the modern day and age is that there's just no time to create things anymore. How many artists do you know who are suffering from critical burnout every day, pushing theirselves to the limit to try to make a living off their work? It's awful, because we can't just enjoy the simple act of creativity these days. The world is in such a state where people simply just can't afford basic necessities, like food and water and internet and a place to live, and using their artwork to make cash is the only way they can get by and make ends meet. It's so draining and tiring, and trying to make a career out of art slowly drains all the joy from making it. I dropped out of art college for those kinds of reasons, and because they offered little to no support for my diabetic needs and social support needs. This world is also really bullshit to disabled folks and disabled artists! I'm just some dude on the internet and there's not much I can do, but the biggest wish in my heart is just for people to be able to live comfortably and happily worldwide, with all their needs met and every luxury available. Wouldn't it be fantastic if nobody ever had to worry about medical bills, or never had to worry about being able to eat food? We could spend so much more time being creative and making things for the sheer joy of it, instead of forcing ourselves to pump out content just to make ends meet. I think some truly amazing art and creative things could be made if that was possible, and I think it's disgusting that the world of capitalism drains all the energy and time from creative folks and works people to death. I think the big resurgence of nostalgia for the old web and for Neocities is due in part to people missing being able to have creative freedom with things, since social media in this day and age really drowns out the individualism of every single person. If you're old enough, you might even remember when people used to be able to have custom background images on their youtube pages and twitter pages! But now, because of corporate bullshit and branding, everything has to conform to the default standard, or advertisers will throw a shitty piss fit. Advertising also really sucks too, speaking of which! All these ad networks want to collect personal information about everyone, and they make it so fucking tedious to disable it on every website you visit. There's rarely ever any "disable all" button for it, and even if you disable it all by hand, surprise! Guaranteed one of the next times you visit that website again, they'll ask for your advertising preferences AGAIN. For fuck's sake!!!!!! I'm sure google and all these ad companies know every intimate detail of my personal life by now, but they should also know that I think these practices are disgusting and big fucking bullshit and that I hate it lol. Also, gmail always takes like five fucking years to load or to save any changes you make, and it confounds me every single time. One of the highest grossing web services on the planet, and gmail still lags like I'm on a flash website in the 90s on a computer that my siblings filled with sh*rew*re v*ruses? Eat s*** imo. UPDATE 27/04/2021 Sorry for the censoring but my site got suspended from neocities and I honestly wonder if it's because I told g***gl* to e*t s**t LMAO. That's a whole other rant I could go on about now, how my site got suspended when I wasn't doing anything remotely harmful except shitposting. Tho maybe it was because I was editing a lot of things really quickly, and I triggered some kind of bot check? ANYWAY sorry about all the rants but I hope you learned something new and exciting today, or perhaps this is all cathartic for you too! Also definitely read my fanfic on this website because it's super good unironically and I also unironically love it LOL. I guess to tie back into my earlier point, I don't feel like I have the creative energy to make some things without making them in a shitposty, ironic-core kind of way, and that's another unfortunate side effect of the bullshit that capitalism inflicts upon us. Making things with effort is really hard! But to make things with low effort that are kind of shitty, kind of bad, yet still entertaining... I feel like that takes some kind of skill. Even if we never get the time to make Good things, I hope artists can get the time to make low quality things that are just fun even if they're kind of shitty. If people can enjoy Tails Gets Trolled and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, what's stopping you from making a literary masterpiece in shitpost format? Thank u for your time. As a reward, the water pulls you deeper into a secret reward zone! Make sure to click this link as soon as you can so you can get your nifty cool reward for reading all of this bullshit. Thanks for playing! Go go go! Click this cool link now for your png reward! Get that clout! Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Special shout-outs to INDIGOCLAUDIA for helping me save this trial when Neocities mistakenly nuked my website. Thank u for my life